La Table du 53, the delicious restaurant in Paris

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 12 October 2019 at 04h04
Proud successor of Passage 53, La Table du 53 offers gourmets a simpler and more affordable food than its predecessor but still as delicious.

Passage 53 is dead, long live La Table du 53! While Passage 53 will open soon in a new place that is still secret and always with twice Michelin-starred chef Shinichi Sato of course, the Passage des Panoramas is still going strong with La Table du 53. Running this new spot, Hideki Nakamura, sous-chef during Passage 53 time.

La Table du 53La Table du 53La Table du 53La Table du 53

La Table du 53 aims at being simpler and more affordable than its predecessor. Prices have been lowered and the dinner menu – that counted up to twelve dishes – “only” proposes five. It’s already good to have an idea and enjoy a good meal!

As for us, we went to La Table du 53 during the week for lunch. We could choose between a starter/main course or main course/dessert set menu for €28, a starter/main course/dessert set menu for €35 and a surprising main course/2 desserts set menu for €35 as well.

La Table du 53La Table du 53La Table du 53La Table du 53

Because at La Table du 53, the emphasize is put on the high-quality desserts made by pastry chef Hiroshi Mitsutake. By the way, we’re going to speak about them first!

We’ve had the chance to try the light pavlova with chestnuts, pear and vanilla ice cream, simply delicious and the gavottes (those thin crêpes dentelle) served with praline and cocoa sorbet. A fantastic, tasty and flavorfully regressive dessert. Perfect!

La Table du 53La Table du 53La Table du 53La Table du 53

But prior to these sweet wonders, we discovered the savory part. The idea of La Table du 53 is simple: to stand out from Passage 53 and adapt its menu, the restaurant has chosen to give pride of place to classics of the French gastronomy that are twisted and modernized but still authentic when it comes to flavors.

We loved the herrings with oil-cooked potatoes which as anchovies with haddock cream, crispy chips, fennel, thinly sliced and crunchy green apples and lime zests. As for the plating, it’s hard to wrap our heads around this bistro dish. And yet!

La Table du 53La Table du 53La Table du 53La Table du 53

We also loved the oeuf meurette, a true and creamy gem! Inside this starters, a soft-boiled and perfectly runny egg, bacon cream and potatoes, roasted and grated mushrooms, red wine reduction. Don’t miss it or you could regret it!

Moving on to main courses, we’ve had some confit lamb’s shoulder, tomato sauce, lamb jus, roasted beetroots and Mirabelle plums; a perfectly mastered dish with an exceptionally cooked meat; and the cod meunière with caper and white wine sauce, confit potatoes, crispy cabbages and lemon.

La Table du 53La Table du 53La Table du 53La Table du 53

With its clean décor, La Table du 53 welcomes foodies and feeds them well with some quality food and impertinent desserts. You should give it a go.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 8 October 2019 to 31 December 2019



    53 Passage des Panoramas
    75002 Paris 2

    Le midi, entrée+plat: €28
    Le midi, plat+dessert: €28
    Le midi, entrée+plat+dessert: €35
    Le midi, plat+2 desserts: €35
    Le soir, menu en 3 plats: €58
    Le soir, menu en 5 plats: €85

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