Ida by Denny Imbroisi: modern and original Italian cuisine

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Published by Laura B. · Photos by Laura B. · Updated on 8 May 2020 at 12h10 · Published on 26 July 2019 at 17h37
Italian and former Top Chef 2012 contestant, Denny Imbroisi opened his first restaurant, IDA, a few years ago. This contemporary bistro serves Italian cuisine twisted with the chef's originality.

In 2012 he participated in the third season of the French version of Top chef won by Jean Imbert.
Since then the Calabria native has gone a long way and after being the sous-chef at the Jules Vernes* restaurant, he decided to settle down near rue de Vaugirard to manage the kitchen of his very first Parisian establishment: IDA in Paris 15th arrondissement, set a stone's throw from the Gare Montparnasse, a place devoted to Italian gastronomy. But since then, the chef also opened Epoca in the 7th arondissement and Malro in the Marais.

IDA by Denny Imbroisi 2019

IDA is a lovely place featuring about thirty seats that is always crowded and may be a bit noisy. Yet, the eatery is full of colors with its purple, red and teal seats. Halfway between an authentic Italian trattoria, the contemporary bistro, Denny Imboisi concocts a modern Italian cuisine with a few French touches of course.

IDA by Denny Imbroisi 2019

IDA menu is short: 3 starters, 5 main courses and 3 desserts. Moreover, you also have a lunch set menu, the menu of the day, the 4-course IDA menu (carpaccio, burrata, spaghettoni alla carbonara and Capucc'IDA) for 44 euros and the blind tasting in 5 courses for 60 euros.

IDA by Denny Imbroisi 2019

At IDA, the meal starts with appetizers, of course. In this season, ricotta, herb, green olive tapenade crostinis, the excellent 7-cereal focaccia is served with some delicious extra virgin olive oil from Sicily.

IDA by Denny Imbroisi 2019

Denny Imbroisi carpaccio is cut a bit thicker than usual but it's absolutely delicious.
We were obviously looking forward to discovering pasta by Denny Imbroisi. His spaghettoni alla carbonara are served with egg, cheese and guanciale (Italian specialty consisting of pork's cheeks). Pasta were just perfectly cooked.

IDA by Denny Imbroisi 2019

As for stuffed pasta, IDA provides broiled crustacean and mushroom stuffed cannellonis. Served with some vegetables (leeks, green asparagus), this recipe is very original.

IDA by Denny Imbroisi 2019

As for dessert, Denny Imbroisi revisits cappucino and tiramisu with the Capucc'Ida, a sweet treat with gianduja, coffee espuma, cookie and hazelnut ice cream. At the moment, you can also go for the strawberry tartlet and its delicious basil crème pâtissière, its very frefreshin Fior di Latte ice cream and red berries sprinkled with black olives. Another original touch.

IDA by Denny Imbroisi 2019

No meal without drink, of course. IDA serves a selection of Italian beverages (but not only), such as Prosecco and Spritz.

Practical information


117 Rue de Vaugirard
75015 Paris 15

Falguière (ligne 12) ou gare Montparnasse

Dessert: €9
Entrée: €18
Plat: €28
Menu déjeuner du jour: €30 - €34
Menu Ida: €44
Dégustation à l'aveugle: €60

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