Broadway Caffe, the new gigantic Neapolitan pizzeria in Paris 14th arrondissement

Published by Laura B. · Published on 2 July 2021 at 14h25
Broadway Caffe is the brand-new trattoria by Garry Dorr that recently opened by Montparnasse. On the menu of this very American restaurant with a huge terrace, Neapolitan pizzas and fresh pastas, among others. One of the new spots to try out this summer!

Restaurant serial entrepreneur Garry Dorr opens a new restaurant, Broadway Caffe, boulevard du Montparnasse in Paris 14th arrondissement.

For this new restaurant, Dorr (already behind The Brooklyn Pizzeria, The Little Italy, Madison Caffe, Bronx Pizzeria…) once again bets on Italian gastronomy and more exactly on Neapolitan pizzas.

Deliberately hip, cheap, and trendy, this pizzeria serves pizzas based on organic dough that rested for 168 hours and baked at 450°C in a wood oven. The margherita to takeout costs €5 and yet does not lack quantity or quality as far as ingredients are involved. And speaking of ingredients: San Marzano tomatoes, burrata, Parma ham come from Italy.

In addition to pizzas, Broadway Caffe also serves fresh handmade pasta. Also on the menu, more Italian specialties. Dishes in very hearty serving sizes. And at weekend, enjoy an American-style brunch.

When comes dessert, it is a walk down memory lane one takes with cotton candy, Nutella pizza and churros – among others.

Moving on to the bar, Broadway Caffe obviously serves Spritz, as well as Mojitos with happy hours thrown daily.

And with Broadway Caffe, Garry Dorr sees things on a wide scale: a trattoria with 250 seats including 150 on the terrace, at the corner of the Boulevard Raspail and Boulevard Montparnasse.

As for the décor, indoor designer Pierre Canot treated himself to many nods to American musicals played on Broadway such as this ladder on the ceiling, a reference to “West Side Story”. And there is even a genuine yellow New-York cab where you can actually eat. Furthermore, Broadway Caffe is set by rue de la Gaîté where many theaters in Paris are set. What a symbol!

Ready to try this brand-new and affordable trattoria?

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 23 June 2021



    112 Boulevard du Montparnasse
    75014 Paris 14

    Vavin (ligne 4)

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