Chez Julien, Le Marais gourmet restaurant dedicated to truffle

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Published by Laura B. · Photos by Laura B. · Published on 11 August 2021 at 09h48
Gourmet restaurant Chez Julien has made of truffle its specialty. In a quiet street set in Le Marais neighborhood, eat on the large and very pleasant terrace. A good spot for summer lunches and after work parties.

Chez Julien is a gourmet restaurant that is well known by tourists visiting Le Marais since we can find a lot of them there.

Chez JulienChez JulienChez JulienChez Julien

Created in a former historic listed bakery, Chez Julien offers a “Grande Epoque” indoor design with carpets, mirrors and chandeliers, especially with a dinning room you can privatize on the upper floor. But Chez Julien also enjoys 120 seats on the terrace.

Chez JulienChez JulienChez JulienChez Julien

A few seats are in the sun, all along and in front of the restaurant, rue du pont Louis Philippe and rue de l’Hôtel de Ville. But most of the outdoor seats are on the terrace filled with plants set on rue des Barres, a pedestrian alley with views on the Saint-Gervais church on one side and the pont Louis-Philippe on the other.

Chez JulienChez JulienChez JulienChez Julien

Last but not least, still on rue des Barres, the restaurant enjoys a few seats hidden behind the establishment patio doors, a cozy closed terrace, heated in the winter and obviously open in the summer.

At Chez Julien, one enjoys French cuisine with dishes featuring truffle all year long. But truffle changes with season: black, white or summer truffle. At the moment, Chez Julien served summer truffle from Périgord. Chef Helmi Derbal is the former cook of the La Truffe Noire restaurant in Neuilly.

The lunch menu, starter / main course or main course / dessert costs €26 – an affordable price.

Chez Julien Chez Julien Chez Julien Chez Julien

Yet, if you choose off the menu, prices increase quickly, especially with the chef Helmi Derbal’s truffle signature recipes such as the veal tartare served with truffle caviar for €36 or the sole meunière and truffled mashed potatoes for €58 (€68 with an extra truffle topping).

Yet, quality is to be enjoyed. Chez Julien cooking is delicious and sophisticated like the "Jouno" tomato and the tuna ceviche tartare served as a starter or the extremely tender Chateaubriand. Flawless dishes.

Chez Julien Chez Julien Chez Julien Chez Julien

As for dessertChez Julien serves a delicious soft Valrhona chocolate cake. You really want to keep some room left for dessert. And the house's signature truffle ice cream also features chocolate.

Chez Julien Chez Julien Chez Julien Chez Julien

Yet, you do not want to miss the homemade cocktails for a pre-dinner drink. The French Kiss, based on hibiscus-infused vodka, puréed raspberry, rose syrup and rosé champagne sways between sweet, sparkly and sour. What a wonder!

Chez Julien Chez Julien Chez Julien Chez Julien

Truffle fans will definitely find what they are looking for. Moreover, if you are at Chez Julien at the right moment, you can see the horses of the National Guard pass for the relief.

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please drink responsibly.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 10 August 2021



    1, rue du Pont Louis-Philippe
    75004 Paris 4

    Formule déjeuner: €26

    Official website

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