Sense Eat: prodigious vegetarian Italian restaurant in Paris 6th arrondissement

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 15 June 2018 at 19h29
Whether you’re vegan or not, Sense Eat is the irresistible address in Paris 6th arrondissement. Italian and vegetarian restaurant, Sense Eat has a surprising and explosive cuisine, created from good organic ingredients that come straight from Italy.

There are restaurants that rock the codes to better carry you away, and Sense Eat is one of them. Set in rue Mazarine, in the very lively Odéon neighborhood, Sense Eat is an Italian restaurant as well as a vegetarian restaurant. Managed by real Italians, Sense Eat gives pride of place to good, beautiful and organic food – all their vegetables and fruits are.

With its creative, brave and inventive cuisine, Sense Eat makes us rediscover the Italian cuisine with a new eye. Chef Maurizio Carlucci respects products and imagines intriguing combinations making his dishes very unique.

After nibbling on some made in Italy appetizers (juicy olives from Sicilia, round grissino with white wine and fennel, pistachio pistou, sparkling white wine and Italian sparkling water), we start with a ricotta di Bufala smoked in mountain hay served with an incredible onion ice cream, crispy quinoa soufflé and almonds (€16). We also go for the Il Pisello, a plate of beans three ways (jelly, foam and fresh), as beautiful as a painting and smelling like spring, served with a black garlic bread bruschetta and a reduction of olive oil and black sesame (€17).

Sense EatSense EatSense EatSense Eat

Those who still think about the cliché saying that vegetarians eat almost nothing will be happy to know that at Sense Eat, once you’ve eaten the starters, you’re almost full, so much that plates are generous in addition to be pretty. But since we’re devoted to our work, we choose to keep on this delicious adventure with the following dishes.

Homemade gnocchi with mountain potatoes from Piedmont, spring beans, mint and wood sorrel (€22), on one hand; marvelously black and flavorful. Homemade stuffed pasta with smoked sweet onions, Piedmont hazelnut, angostura and wild Sicilian fennel (€22), creamy and perfectly seasoned with a sour cream. both dishes are wonderful and take us straight to the other side of the Alps in just one bite.

Sense EatSense EatSense EatSense Eat

The craziest in this is that during the whole meal, we don’t even notice meat is lacking, so much that preparations follow one another and are just magistral in the mouth. If everything was as good as Sense Eat, everyone would be vegetarian!

As a dessert, the soft apple served with a walnut mousse and an astonishing cauliflower ice cream (€9) calls our names and seduces us right away. But the beetroot with hibiscus flower syrup, sesame nougatine and white chocolate ice cream (€10) is not left out, and its surprising flavors are a perfect conclusion to this fabulous meal.

Sense EatSense EatSense EatSense Eat

Marked and explosive flavors, bold and conscious associations, love of good and healthy products; Sense Eat is THE restaurant you don’t want to miss.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 15 June 2018 to 31 December 2018



    39 Rue Mazarine
    75006 Paris 6

    M°4 et 10 - Odéon

    Dessert: €9 - €10
    Entrée: €16 - €17
    Plat: €19 - €24

    Official website

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    Du Lundi au Dimanche
    11h30 - 15h | 19h - 23h

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