Chilam Bastille: new Mexican restaurant in Paris

After a small eatery open in the Marais neighborhood, then the beautiful stand at Ground Control Halle Charolais, Chilam presents its new and third Parisian address nestled by Bastille. The occasion to enjoy new Mexican flavors!

If you’ve never heard about Chilam, it’s time to catch up! After totally seducing us with tacos, burritos and other quesadillas in their colorful eatery set on rue des Ecouffes. After conquered our hearts with their burgers served at Ground Control Halle Charolais, Chilam is on everyone’s lips again…

Coming from South Mexico, Juan and Lucia – from South Italy – the duo hiding behind the delicious Mexican address, have just opened a new restaurant in the French capital giving pride of place to the Mexican icon, Frida Kahlo.

To discover this new restaurant, head to 4 rue de Brissac not far from the Place de la Bastille.

On the menu? Incredible Mexican flavors including new recipes such as Tlayuadas, the famous homemade “Oaxaca cheese”.

Chilam Restaurant BastilleChilam Restaurant BastilleChilam Restaurant BastilleChilam Restaurant Bastille

You can also discover small plates to share including guacamole, quesadillas, totopos con queso (kidney beans, handmade tortilla chips, melted cheese, pico de gallo) and even molote (Mexican corn fritters with “nixtamalisé” and stuffed with chorizo, potatoes and soaked in tomatillo, cream cheese and avocado sauce).

Moving on to main courses, go for the Cochinita Pibil made of smoked pork and colorful achiote and onions marinated in lemon and oregano or the Jumbo shrimps “Al Pastor” based on marinated jumbo shrimps “Al Pastor” way, finely grilled and served with a roasted pineapple salad, without forgetting the Costra de queso y hongos (a large homemade tortilla filled with melted cheese and an assortment of three pan-fried ceps).

To cap off on a sweet touch, discover the specialy, “Arroz con Leche”, a rice pudding flavored with vanilla, cinnamon and decorated with raisins.

Chilam Restaurant BastilleChilam Restaurant BastilleChilam Restaurant BastilleChilam Restaurant Bastille

The other good surprise of Chilam Bastille is its cocktail bar serving tasty beverages mainly based on Mezcal such as the “Viva La Vida” (Mezcal Bruxo, Agua de Jamaica, Cream of pear). For the others, discover the “Diego” (Tequila blanco, Averna Chinotto) or the “Coyoacan” (Gin, bell pepper juice, absinthe).

Meet now in Paris 4th arrondissement to discover Chilam Bastille, Chilam’s new address in Paris!

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please drink responsibly.

Manon C.
Last updated on 17 April 2019

Practical information

Opening Time
From 10 April 2019 to 31 December 2019



    4 Rue de Brissac
    75004 Paris 4

    Assiettes à partager: 7-11 €
    Desserts: 7-8 €
    Cocktails: 9-12 €

    Official website


    More information
    Ouvert du mercredi au samedi de 19h à 23h30, les samedis et dimanches de 12h à 16h

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