Chez Jacky, the latest Mediterranean-inspired restaurant in Paris

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Updated on 8 August 2021 at 01h30 · Published on 16 June 2021 at 11h36
Latest Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, Chez Jacky comes to Paris 10th arrondissement and make Parisians’ and tourists’ taste buds dance to iconic dishes from Marseille eateries and Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

Do not bother going to Marseille to enjoy Southern food specialties: the South is coming to Paris 10th arrondissement with Chez Jacky! In this new Mediterranean bistro looking like a guinguette, one talks and laughs loud, one shines a light on taste buds enjoying a one-way ticket to the Sun!

This is in lieu of Dai Dai pizzeria that Thomas Fournier has created Chez Jacky. Coming from the South himself, he saw in last year’s lockdown the perfect occasion to leave the beaten track and decides to reinvent Dai Dai’s in Paris. And little can we say the bright yellow façade is eye-catching!

Chez JackyChez JackyChez JackyChez Jacky

At the back of the restaurant, the golden pizza oven works hard to make sure pizza and meats are baked in time. And in the restaurant, bargain-hunted furniture reminds of lunches at one’s grandparents’, pre-dinner drinks by the sea, or both: fish-shaped pitcher, Ricard tableware, and of course, grandma watching over foodies.

Chez JackyChez JackyChez JackyChez Jacky

On the menu, iconic dishes from Marseille eateries and Mediterranean-inspired dishes to share with friends: baked sardines, aioli eggpissaladière, Provençal roast chicken and homemade fries… We recommend to go for the pile of fried smelts (€7) we imagine nibbling on by the Vieux-Port, the creamy burrata, covered in pistou (€10), the pimientos de padron (€8), the delicious squids à la plancha covered in parsley (€12), and perfectly cooked.

Without forgetting the Marseille pizzas, blast from the past, twisted with anchovies, pistou, olives, and oregano. Note the surprising Black Pistou (€15) with dark activated charcoal dough covered in mozzarella, green pistou, and mozzarella di Buffala, and cherry tomatoes. So good!

Chez JackyChez JackyChez JackyChez Jacky

Without forgetting desserts, inspired by southern flavors, coffee tiramisu with coffee from Lomi roaster, or even chocolate mousse, Greek yogurt with honey from Maison Sauveterre take the lead. We feel like on a vacation!

And of course, when one speaks about Marseille also speaks about… pastis! At Chez Jacky, pastis comes in 13 colors – or mixtures – including the staple Mauresque (almond syrup), Perroquet (mint), Tomate (grenadine), Pélican (peach), and Canari (lemon). Without forgetting the cocktails with a Marseille twist like the Marseille Mule (€10) based on vodka, thyme infusion, lime and vanilla.

Chez JackyChez JackyChez JackyChez Jacky

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please drink responsibly.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 29 July 2021



    69 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
    75010 Paris 10

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