Chez Lulu: new restaurant, cocktail bar and club in Paris city center

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Published by Laura B., Caroline J. · Photos by Laura B. · Published on 3 May 2022 at 15h05
A new, indulging, sexy and festive venue is about to open in Paris 1st arrondissement. Its name? Chez Lulu! Described as a “disco restaurant” and an “erotico club”, Chez Lulu definitely is the place to be for people who love having fun.

Initially expected for December 2021, but postponed because of the closing of nightclubs, Chez Lulu eventually opened in downtown ParisChez Lulu is the new restaurant, cocktail bar and club likely to be the talk of the town in Paris 1st arrondissement. Set by the very famous rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau (already renown for housing DokiDoki, Tzantza and Pitanga) in lieu of the Jean Louis La Nuit, Chez Lulu has no taboo, stands for its femininity and its indulging character. For Chez Lulu is described both as a “disco restaurant” and an “erotico club”; a whole program already arousing the curiosity of many people!

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

With a décor inspired by the chic erotism from the 70’s designed by Mother&Daughter Interior, between big flower carpets, mirrors and erotic posters, glamorous dancers go from tables to tables, all the way to the dancefloor, with erotic movies played on the walls, Chez Lulu aims at “modernizing the disinhibited panache of Parisian nights”. And it is a hit!

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

And since glamor also is for customers, Chez Lulu also enjoys a hair-sylist, Titi, who opened his salon right by the store selling toys, chains and gags. For 20 euros, this chic and colorful hairdresser can blow your hair for the night. No more excuse like "I'm having a bad hair day" so you do not go out after work.

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

As we said above, Chez Lulu is very into food. The venue serves an appealing menu. As a starter, the tuna tataki is simply delicious. And the burrata placed on a huge nest made of salad is as delightful, seasoned with crunchy Serrano ham chips and a few truffle shavings.

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

Moving on to main courses, we went for the beef fillet served raw but prepared Asian gravelax style, it means infused for 48 hours in an Iranian dried lemon marinade. A surprising recipe both innovative and delicious. We also fell for the squid with peanuts, perfectly cooked. As for sides, although the potato mash is worthy of the venue, we could not recommend enough to go for the celery mash with cumin. So tasty!

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

As for dessert, the CBD space cheesecake is very foamy and light. As for the chocolate cake, it is as moist as can be and very indulging. Although rates are high, as it is always the case in this kind of venue, quality is a watchword. Which is not always the case in other places.

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

To pair these indulging dishes, enjoy some quality beverages such as the “Geisha Sauvage” based on gin, oolong tea, yuzu liqueur and pomegranate. A tasty cocktail but low in quantity. This is why we prefered the "Le Saint des Seins" based on tequila, raspberry liqueur, rose syrup, lemon juice, aquafaba and Perrier. A very elegant nectar in its presentation, and very subtle.

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

The live atmosphere at Chez Lulu is entrusted to the place's DJs mixing a very 80 and 90 sound. Music inspiring dancers moving to their will. No imposed choreography or show. After the meal, music turns louder, the dancefloor fills in, partygoers come to dance. And the clientele is not too young.

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

The colorful universe of Chez Lulu starts from the very lobby with hostesses wearing glittery outfits, down the stairs, and even in the bathroom with a very psychedelic vibe. And you are also asked to weat a chic attire to be allowed in.

Chez LuluChez LuluChez LuluChez Lulu

Chez Lulu is a favorite discovery in 2022, likely to bring Parisian nights back to life. 

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please drink responsibly.

This test has been carried out as part of a business invitation. If your experience is different from ours, please let us know in the comments.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 4 May 2022



    66 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    75001 Paris 1

    Desserts: €11 - €12
    Cocktails: €17
    Entrées: €19 - €28
    Plats: €24 - €44
    Menu: €70

    Official website


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    Ouvert mercredi de 19h à 2h et du jeudi au samedi de 19h à 4h

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